Here at Vanlife Ontario we are part of a larger global community of like-minded individuals and groups all trying to live an alternative life.

Whether you are looking to connect with others like you, find information regarding road life around the world, get tips for sustainable living or, learn even more from the pros, our Resources page is here to help.

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Do you know of some rad vanlife communities?

Are you a #roadlife maker or a small business owner?

Do you own a business in Ontario or are you providing a service to our community?

Are you a member of the @vanlife.ontario community with a blog or offering a service?

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Hello friends! 

This community is home to so many amazing and talented people.

Be that content creators, writers, artists, makers or small business owners.  We are a diverse group with many talents and skills. We’d love to share yours.  Reach out to us and share your story. Let us know what you do and how we can work together in supporting eachother.

If you are not in the road life community that’s ok!  We love to work with local businesses in the many communities we call home as we travel.

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