Do you have a great idea for a meet up?

Do you have access to a rad Space able to host one?


Are you interested in Hosting a Meetup with us?

Meetups let us connect as a community, but, when planning these events, we have to remember that we are still a part of an even larger community.

So, if you are interested in hosting a meetup please keep in mind the following...

-The location must be on public property or you must have proof of permission from the owner of the property.  (Via email or other)

-Any public parking lots must have room for both the attending vans and vehicles/ people for whom the space was intended for. (Hiking Trails, dog parks, public beaches, parks, etc.)

-The location should be away from any businesses and far enough away from private residences that it will not interfere.

-We rarely encourage meetups to go overnight as planning an overnight event requires further consideration. Schedule specific times for beginning and end.

-All rules and guidelines of the property the event/ meetup is being held on, apply to the attendees.

To find out more and get our "co-hosting form"

reach out to us Here!

We are happy to anwser any questions & ecxited to work with you.

if you are hosting a Meet up of your own, we are happy to share.

Post your event info to instagram and tag @vanlife.ontario


Create a facebook event and share it to our group here.